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GPS supported aquatic app:

Aquatic industry is very flexible in terms of human resources. Along with full time employees, many part time employees extend their expertise for training or as a lifeguard. This helps in arranging schedules with high flexibility respective of time and place. However, this flexibility creates a huge mess in management. For making professional image, it is highly required aquatic industry adopts real time management app. This app runs on all devices and gives GPS time clock to supervise your employees. This is a great app for management but employees should not consider it as a controlling tool. For people who are intending to work properly, this pool management app makes the work easier.

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This app helps employee in managing time. When you work part time, there is something else you do in additional time. Whether you are a student or working somewhere else, this app will set alarm for you. You can get details of the place you have to reach, details of client to attend, time to reach and alarm system for giving alerts. You do not have to remember about your schedules and focus on other works. Due to this app, you will reduce time of reporting to the main office and getting details. The pool management app allows you to be in synchronization with main office staff.

For lifeguards, this app will help with providing guidance. There are videos for training on swimming and lifeguard. You can watch and enhance the knowledge. You may also use it for showing example to your clients. For lifeguards, it is highly essential to get quick help in time of emergencies. When your back office staff is with you all time through GPS time clock, you will get all required help immediately. Aquatic industry involves risk and it is highly essential that your office staff get real time information from the pool.


The biggest advantage of a pool management app is to maintain schedule. While employees can set their sessions and get alerts for the same through this app, it also allows you to manage cancellation. The biggest issue in managing part-time employees in aquatic industry is to ensure whether the employee reaches at designated place or not. With the help of app, you can ensure the office about your schedule. In case of cancellation, they can arrange another employee. It will help the facility provider in maintaining their professional image and allow the employee to manage any work. You can also check for available shift times to alter the schedule.

Another advantage of GPS time clock is real time attendance. You do not have to mark your presence at office, as it will waste lots of time. Your office can check your presence at the aquatic facility location and mark your attendance. You can manage more shifts and earn more. There will be high level of transparency between employee and payment department. Part time employees will save their time and mark their presence with the app. There is a facility to record swimming test for ensuring the quality of services provided. GPS time clock helps in recording the tasks completed and directs payment department for disbursing the due payments.


With help of pool management app, employees will benefit. Every person carries a Smartphone nowadays and handling work can be extremely easy as your schedule stays on fingertips. Technology makes the work easier. Early adopters will benefit from the facilities. Controlling and co-coordinating are two different things. This app controls the situation for employers but co-ordinates your task with your office by eliminating travel time. Supervision is not a cruel task; it is an essential task for every employer for providing best services to clients and ease to employees.

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